How to Install Odoo (formerly OpenERP) from github


As all know that OpenERP have changed  brand to odoo where you find e-commerce apps , website builder , crm , sales ,purchase accounting and so many apps 

I would like to share with you about  how to Install Odoo ( (formerly OpenERP) from github on Ubuntu system which is first stap to intract with Odoo

Install Odoo ( (formerly OpenERP) from github

Odoo Github Link :

1. You need to install first gi on you ubuntu system for that open you terminal and type following commend

 a) Update apt source list
sudo apt-get update

 b) install update package

sudo apt-get upgrade

c) now install git 

 sudo apt-get install git

2. Install Python packages  which required for Odoo installation

sudo apt-get install graphviz ghostscript postgresql-client \
python-dateutil python-feedparser python-matplotlib \
python-ldap python-libxslt1 python-lxml python-mako \
python-openid python-psycopg2 python-pybabel python-pychart \
python-pydot python-pyparsing python-reportlab python-simplejson \
python-tz python-vatnumber python-vobject python-webdav \
python-werkzeug python-xlwt python-yaml python-imaging

sudo apt-get install gcc python-dev mc bzr python-setuptools python-babel \
python-feedparser python-reportlab-accel python-zsi python-openssl \
python-egenix-mxdatetime python-jinja2 python-unittest2 python-mock \
python-docutils lptools make python-psutil python-paramiko poppler-utils \
python-pdftools antiword postgresql

3. Install PostgreSQL database 

sudo apt-get install postgresql

4. Create database user for Odoo

sudo -u postgres createuser -s odoo

5. Download Odoo from Github to your system

a). make directory in home 
     sudo mkdir home/workplace

b).move to  directory
    cd home/workplace

c) Download odoo from Github

sudo git clone

6. Once finish a download need to run odoo server  

a). go to oddo path

   cd home/workplace/odoo

b). run a odoo server


7.To check odoo installation is perfectly work  on your system  so for that  just open your browser type 

Odoo Login screen
Odoo Login screen


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