Anonymization in openerp


              This article describes how data anonymization works in openerp. For Privacy, security, legal, proprietary ownership, and other economic complications often prevent distribution of business openerp brings you a good way to prevent data by method of anonymization

Anonymization :- A process that removes or replaces identity information from a communication or record. In short  hiding identity or information.Anonymized data allows organizations to release personal information into the public domain

De-Anonymization :-  is a data mining strategy in which anonymous data is cross-referenced with other data sources to re-identify the anonymous data source. Any information that distinguishes one data source from another can be used for de-anonymization.

How it works ?

It simply replaces the fields data by ‘XXX’ characters and when you reverse the anonymization process it will replace the ‘XXX’ by the original content.

   Convert Normal Data  --> Anonymized data(XXX pattern)
    Ex: opneerp -> XXX01


  Convert Anonymized data(XXX pattern) --> Normal Data (reverse process)
   Ex: XXX01 --> opneerp

Require module :

steps to do database Anonymization in OpenERP:

1]. Install Anonymization Module


2]. Browse this menu [ Settings/Database anonymization/Anonymize database  ] open wizard and set proper field name which you want to Anonymized after then click on  anonymize database button so it will create a one pickle file you can say its past database dump. Don’t forget to save this  file on a safe place because you will not be able to revert the anonymization without this file. mainly This file by default store in home folder
   ex : /home/local/field_anonymization_ann_9.pickle [filename]

Note: let you make sure Before executing the anonymization process, you should make a backup of your database.


3].Anonymization successful [ you can see name format in XXX01, XXX07 ]


4]. Now for geting actual data reverse process means De-Anonymization select your pickle file and click on reverse the database anonymization


Anonymization process:-

Cheers Enjoy OpenERP :)


Mayur Maheshwari