Change language in OpenERP 7.0


       "Language" a one word used for better communicate in global world. but mostly all we prefer own language for daily routine life. If any Application or interface is in own language then we can use more friendly, Here openERP brings for you multi language concept which is more faster , more user friendly and simple to translation in one language to another language.

    OpenERP already has translations in almost all the popular languages. These translations are bundled within the modules itself.Here i am trying explain how to load a new language in OpenERP

In order to proceed, please follow these simple steps:

1] Load a Translation:-

    First of all you have login with admin user. Now browse following menu  

             Settings/Translation/Load a Translation

    Open this wizard  and chose a appropriate language in language field. Only those language will be translated which are set to be in this selection field.
          Ex:- language => Arabic

Overwrite Existing Terms:- If you check this box,Your customized translation overwritten and replaced by the above language 

2] Active language & Refresh browser:

    you can active language with two ways
    First way : open user form [settings/users/user] and update language field with new language


Second way: open preference 

Set language in preferences wizard


Mayur Maheshwari