Configure Thunderbird plugin in OpenERP - Odoo

This article describes how to configure Thunderbird plugin in OpenERP (Odoo). OpenERP (Odoo )Thunderbird plug-in provides integration which allows you communicate and co-ordained with CRM data and shared across the company.user can work with OpenERP (Odoo) from their email client with this integration

This will not only simplify the work and save time but also provides the user a lot of options without the dire need to switch between applications.

This plug-in add many features to OpenERP (Odoo) such as

    1)   Create a contact or partner from an e-mail,
    2)  Create record/document in OpenERP (Odoo),
    3)  Send any attachment to an OpenERP (Odoo) document (such as proposals,proof of payment, order receipts, employee CV or annual appraisal).

It works for the EXCHANGE SERVER MAILS too!!

Require module : Thunderbird Plug-In
step 1: How to Install Thunderbird plugin-in openerp (Odoo).

Navigate settings/apps and search Thunderbird Plug-In and install it.

Install Thunderbird plugin

step 2: How to download Thunderbird plugin file from openerp (Odoo)

Navigate  sales/configuration/Thunderbird plug-in 
It will open a wizard. Now download plugin /addons/plugin_thunderbird/static/openerp_plugin.xpi. you can save this plugin file to your desktop or any other location on your computer.

Download Thunderbird plugin xpi

Step 3: How to Install OpenERP (Odoo) extension (plugin) in Thunderbird.

    First of all, To do this process use the file "openerp_plugin.xpi" that you saved on your desktop.

Then follow this simple step :
1.  From Thunderbird, open the menu => Tools => Add-ons.
2.  Click Extensions,  beside the search addons there is a button Tool For All add-on click on it
3.  Go to your desktop and select that file openerp_plugin.xpi. Install it
4.  Once the openerp_plugin.xpi is installed then restart Thunderbird.

Now check menu of Thunderbird you find new OpenERP menu item is added in your Thunderbird menu bar.

A)  How to Connect openerp (Odoo) Server with use of Thunderbird plugin.

Navigate to OpenERP/Configuration menu item and click it.
A configuration window appears enabling you to enter configuration data about your OpenERP (Odoo) server.

   server   : (type your server settings and xml-rpc port)
   database : Select the database you want to connect
   user name : provide user name
   password : provide password (****)

Connect OpenERP server

Click the Connect button to test the connection.If given parameters are right the it will connect to the OpenERP (Odoo) Database.After that Thunderbird will ready to fit your needs. ;)

B)  How to  Create a New Partner/Link with Partner in Thunderbird

If you cannot find a partner for your e-mail in OpenERP (Odoo), the Thunderbird plugin allows you to create new partner or link with existing partner simply by using the information contained in the e-mail.

First of all, You have to select the mail from which you want to create a new contact

Navigate OpenERP/contact menu
A contact window appears which allows you to enter name, email for create new partner and link with existing partner.

Create Partner via Thunderbird in OpenERP

    click create partner button so it will create new partner in OpenERP (Odoo) or you can create a partner with the existing partner linked to it.when you click create Partner, It will redirect the Partner form in OpenERP (Odoo) according to the name and e-mail partner will create.If partner is already cretaed then it will directly open that partner form.
C) How to  Create a Document in Thunderbird

Navigate OpenERP/Document 
A document window appears which allows you to create the document in OpenERP directly from your e-mail.

Create Document via Thunderbird in OpenERP

Suppose you would like to create a new lead from an document window click create document 

Create lead via Thunderbird in OpenERP

so it will ask type of document then select lead/Opportunity in selection and click on push button. A new lead will be created in OpenERP (Odoo) from the selected will redirect to that page once you create a lead.

3) How to Send any attachment/email to an OpenERP (Odoo) document

As same way you can also push email to particular OpenERP (Odoo) document 

Attach Document via Thunderbird in OpenERP

suppose you would like to push your email to phone call. open document window and click push email so it will ask for type of document where you want to push. select phone call , search phone call record , Now select your record where you want to push and click on push. it will pushed to that record.

Note : If the document is already created ! 
       It shows the "SUBJECT OF THAT SELECTED MAIL " message on the dialog.
       That meas that mail in already pushed in openerp (Odoo) database.


Configure Thunderbird plugin in  OpenERP (Odoo) : --

Cheers Enjoy OpenERP (Odoo)   :)


Mayur Maheshwari 

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